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Curcumin May Boost Cognition And Mood

In A Healthy Older Population ~

Supplemental Curcumin, the yellow pigment that gives Turmeric its color, may improve working memory in older adults.

According to a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted at Melbourne, Australia’s Swinburne University of Technology, four weeks of supplementation with Curcumin was not only associated with improved working memory and mood in healthy older adults, but also reduced fatigue following mental challenge; and hematological measures confirmed that the treatment was well tolerated in the elderly population. The scientists examined Curcumin, as it possesses many properties which may avert or ameliorate pathological processes underlying age-related cognitive decline, dementia or mood disorders; and their findings, which were published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, also noted that a study of single dose effects of the supplement indicated that Curcumin was associated with enhanced measures of sustained attention. The researchers recruited 60 healthy people aged between 60 and 85 years to participate in the study who received either Curcumin or placebo for four weeks. One hour after the first dose indicated that the Curcumin group had significantly improved working memory and elevated sustained attention and also reported an average 1.82% decrease in fatigue, while the placebo group showed fatigue increased by 17%. Measures of calmness and contentedness also improved in the Curcumin group, along with a considerably reduced total and LDL cholesterol. Although the actual mechanism of action is unknown, the scientists suggest that “Curcumin may help to combat fatigue by improving the maintenance of energy levels and ability to meet energy demands through its effects on mitochondrial function, AMP-activated protein kinase and glucose uptake and regulation,” and they conclude that results highlight the need for further investigation of Curcumin’s potential psychological and cognitive benefits.

Sources: National Library of Medicine and NutraIngredients

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Curcumin May Boost Cognition

And Mood In A

Healthy Older Population ~

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If you are new to exercise, remember to pace yourself. Select a low-to-moderate intensity exercise such as yoga, cycling (leisurely), gardening, mall walking, water-aerobics or swimming (moderate pace). Gradually increase the intensity and duration of exercise as you become fitter, to help maintain your lowered blood pressure. Remember safety: No matter what exercise you do, be aware of your limitations. If the exercise or activity hurts, stop! If you feel dizzy or have discomfort in your chest, arms or throat, stop! Also, go slower on hot days or in overheated areas, and exercise in a cooler facility.


Be choosy about

nighttime snacks.

Mindless eating occurs most frequently after dinner, when you finally sit down and relax. Snacking in front of the TV is one of the easiest ways to throw your diet off course. Either close down the kitchen after a certain hour, or allow yourself a low-calorie snack, like one 100-calorie pack of cookies or a piece of fruit or half-cup scoop of low-fat ice cream. Think about an after-dinner stroll; it's a pleasant way to end the day, and it burns calories too! A cup of tea or herbal tea might be soothing and very relaxing after a long day.


Winter colds or spring and autumn allergies (or other allergies) can bring an uncomfortable case of sinusitis. Cropping up behind your cheeks, nose and eyes, sinus infection and inflammation can show up as a green or yellow nasal discharge, postnasal drip, headache or facial tenderness. An infection can last a week, a month or even years, but thankfully, antibiotics aren’t the only solution. Try Bromelain (from pinapple) to reduce nasal mucus that is associated with sinusitis, and relieve the swelling and inflammation caused by hay fever and allergies. The Complete German Commission E Monograph recommends Bromelain for sinus inflammation, and it may even enhance the efficacy of antibiotics.



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