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Seaweed ~ An Effective Alternative For Iodine Supplementation ~

Seaweed supplementation can improve iodine levels in cases of iodine insufficiency.

According to research conducted at Scotland’s University of Glasgow, Seaweed supplements can effectively enhance iodine levels in women who are deficient in this vital nutrient. Some of the many Seaweed species (think of different Kelp and Bladderwrack species) provide a rich natural form of iodine; and in this natural medium, Seaweeds also provide a slower, more sustained and bio-available form of the mineral for a longer period of time. Conversely, the synthetic form of iodine used in table salt is rapidly absorbed. The body needs iodine to perform important functions and for development and growth - especially proper bone and brain development during pregnancy and infancy. A diet insufficient in iodine can lead to health issues including tiredness, fatigue, dry hair, skin and nails, muscle fatigue and long-term health problems such as underactive thyroid. Iodine insufficiency has become a matter of public health concern in the developed countries in recent years (U.S. intake has dropped by more than 50% over the last forty years) - likely due to its removal in store-bought breads, use of non-iodized salt in convenience foods, widely-publicized recommendations for reduced salt and eggs for blood pressure and cholesterol control, decreased iodine in cattle feed, poor education about the medical necessity of using iodized salt and fewer meals made at home. Certain groups are particularly at risk, especially pregnant women. In this study, healthy non-pregnant women of childbearing age with no history of thyroid or gastrointestinal disease were supplemented with organic, commercially available KELP (Ascophyllum nodosum species) with specified iodine levels. The results, which were published in the British Journal of Nutrition, indicated that after two weeks of daily ingestion, urinary iodine excretion significantly increased and the concentrations of thyroid-stimulating hormone also increased, with two participants having concentrations exceeding the normal range after supplement ingestion (but normal free thyroxine concentrations). There was no change in the concentrations of other thyroid hormones after supplement ingestion. The Kelp was palatable and acceptable to consumers as a whole food or as a food ingredient; and in conclusion, Seaweed could serve as an alternative and effective source of iodine in an iodine-insufficient population.

Sources: Cambridge Journals/British Journal of Nutrition and NutraIngredients

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 Good nutrition is essential for children to have a great day at school, and packing lunch from home can ensure that your child will have a nutritious midday meal, a healthy snack or two - and most importantly - they will want to finish everything. Sandwiches are a popular choice for a school lunch. Remember that meats, dairy products and eggs are perishable, so be sure to use a freezer pack-insulated bag to keep them cold. Each sandwich should have a healthy protein source for staying power (cheese, turkey, chicken, tuna, peanut butter, eggs) and healthy toppings (mustard, low-fat mayo, salsa). In cold weather, use insulated food jars to pack healthy hot foods (and leftovers from last night). Be sure the foods are heated up to at least 140 degrees before you load them into the insulated jars. Kids will love Beef and Vegetable Stew & hard roll ~ Chicken noodle soup w/whole grain crackers ~ Chili w/whole grain crackers ~ leftover Lasagna and salad in a small plastic container w/dressing on the side in a separate smaller container. For snacks: Baby carrots, nuts and raisins are favorites. Cheese sticks go well with sandwiches (good source of calcium). Whole grain crackers add a nice crunch and lots of healthy fiber. Pack a fruit salad with grapes, melons chunks and blueberries or prepackaged, flavored low-fat yogurt. Add 100% juice, milk or water for a complete healthy and fun meal.

Read That Food Label ~

What's black and white, about 3 inches tall and filled with health information? A food label. You'll find it on virtually every box in your grocery store, and it's the ultimate must-read. "Knowing how to understand a food label is critical to your health and wellness," advise registered hospital dietitians. Three things to look for: Check the serving size: Most often one serving does not mean the entire package. Count those calories: It's a must if you're trying to maintain your weight or shed some pounds. Flatten the fat: The general rule is that healthier foods will have no more than 3 grams of fat for every 100 calories. Read those labels!


Power Over The Sun ~

The sun can be tough on your skin. Vitamin C to the rescue! It can help protect you. Vitamin C also helps undo sun damage to collagen and elastin, which work to firm up your skin. Get Vitamin C naturally from Red or Green Bell Peppers, citrus fruits, Papayas, kiwis, Broccoli, greens and Brussels sprouts.



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