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Herbal Extracts Plus extends our warmest welcome to you, our friends (old and new) and longtime patrons!  Having previously supplied fine botanicals and natural nutrients since 1995, our company now provides our rich storehouse of accumulated valuable information. This includes current and previous scientific research and university studies, history and folk use, clinical trials and common usage of herbs, spices and natural supplements....and how alternative therapy using natural substances and lifestyle habits can enhance your health  right now and maintain it for many years to come - the natural way.


Pea Protein Supplements Match Whey For Muscle Thickness Gains ~

Supplementation with Pea Fiber protein may produce the same bicep muscle thickness improvements as whey protein.

According to a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial conducted by France’s University of Burgundy, twelve weeks of both resistance training and supplementation of either Pea Fiber protein (or whey) can produce similar bicep muscle thickness. The results of the study, which included 161 men aged 18 to 36 years, indicated that consumption of Pea protein promotes gains in biceps brachii thickness (the two-headed muscle that lies on the upper arm between the shoulder and the elbow - especially in beginners or people returning to weight training, making Pea protein an alternative to whey-based dietary products for athletes from different levels and sports. Such proteins should also be of interest in other populations, such as elderly to slow down the ageing process and maintain muscle mass. Pea protein isolates are gaining in popularity among food manufacturers because it is allergen-free, and a cost effective protein when compared to other proteins. In addition, the ingredient is attracting attention in the sports nutrition realm because of its rich amino acid profile, including lysine, arginine and branched chain amino acids. Indeed, Pea protein is said to be the richest source of arginine, which is involved in nitrogen metabolism, in growth and in cell division; it is also a precursor of creatine, and intakes of 6-12g per day have been recommended for sports nutrition. Pea Fiber protein is also rich in lysine. The participants were randomly assigned with Pea protein or Whey protein or a placebo, and all undertook 12 weeks of resistance training. Results indicated that all groups benefited from the resistance training, with no overall significant differences. However, when the researchers focused only on the weakest participants in each group, a significant effect between Pea protein groups and placebo was observed, with increases in bicep muscle thickness of 20.2% and 8.6%, respectively. The whey protein group experienced average increases of 15.6%. Since little difference was obtained between the two protein groups, vegetable Pea protein might be a potential alternative to whey-based dietary products for sports people; and with such results, a similar impact on muscle in other populations can be considered. For example, elderly people, who often suffer from sarcopenia (gradual loss of muscle mass), might perhaps benefit from Pea protein isolates; it has to be tested.

Sources: National Institutes of Health and NutraIngredients

Read the full article with details:

Pea Protein Supplements Match Whey For Muscle Thickness Gains ~

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Daily Serving of Beans, Peas, Chickpeas or Lentils Can Significantly Reduce Bad Cholesterol




You don't need athletic prowess to be active! There are plenty of solo and team activities that emphasize fun and fitness, rather than competition or scoring points. Try playing games with like-minded friends, taking a class or going for a run, bike ride or swim. Find your personal motivation this week and try an activity that reflects your interests. Instead of keeping score, tally up the physical and mental beneits of your new activity.



If you’re battling the bulge of extra weight, it can be so easy to fall off the wagon when you aren't prepared for a tough road! You need a battle plan to avoid setbacks by identifying tricky situations that might set you off your pace. Think ahead and have a backup exercise plan to fit your busy schedule or accommodate bad weather (it’s so easy to stop an exercise routine and so hard to restart). Think about how you will handle tempting foods and drinks at family gatherings, and substitute lighter choices that you really enjoy, so there won’t be a tremendous sacrifice; a bit of mental rehearsing can go a long way! Look at your schedule this week and identify any upcoming challenges to your routine (there will be many temptations everywhere: Dining out? Valentine candy? Snowstorm hibernation?). Brainstorm some effective solutions, or consider how you will balance indulgences with smarter choices. Remember, If you have a misstep, use it to refine your strategies and get right back on track.


When taking supplements, herbs, prescription or over-the-counter medications be mindful of a few helpful hints: Make a list of all meds you take, and carry it with you (especially good for emergenluding non-prescription supplements), and discuss any interactions. Develop a system for taking meds (try taking the same time daily, and use a days-of-the-week pillbox). Take your medication exactly as prescribed, and make a note of allergies or adverse reactions. Don’t mix pills in the same bottle (easy to confuse them when out of their labeled containers). Don’t hold onto old medications (discard if you didn’t take the full course or if medication was changed).





A daily walk could save your life. If you are inactive, simply adding a brisk twenty-minute walk each day could reduce your risk of death by as much as 30%. People are labeled as inactive if they have a sedentary job and no recreational physical activity. If you have a desk job and you get no more activity at home, you are at risk. Lack of exercise increases premature death risk twice as much as being obese, according to a large study from the Medical Research Council, Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge. This is a simple message: Just a small amount of physical activity each day could have substantial health benefits for people who are physically inactive. Start today - for many more tomorrows.



Fall off this past week? Don’t beat yourself up over it. If you mess up, that’s okay; nobody’s perfect. If you’ve had a slip, just recommit and move forward. The important thing is not to off the deep end. The faster you pick yourself up and get back on track, the better. Monday is the perfect weekly opportunity to forgive yourself and start fresh. Monday is the beginning of the week and is now being used more and more as the day in which we can reset our daily behaviors. Starting fresh and resetting our intentions is the first step to success.



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