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Fish Intake is Associated With Slower Cognitive Decline In the Over 65s~

Consuming more fish could significantly reduce the annual rate of cognitive decline in older adults.

Health professionals claim that not enough attention is paid to nutritional status and brain function. With ageing population numbers growing in many nations of the world, understanding the role of nutrition in maintaining cognitive function is increasingly important, not only from a health care cost standpoint, but because age-related changes in memory and cognitive skills stress personal relationships and decrease quality of life for all involved. According to researchers from the University of North Carolina and Duke University, modifiable lifestyle changes - including dietary changes - could translate into a great reduction in cognitive impairment and dementia. Their findings, published in the Journal of Nutrition, indicated that eating more fish is associated with slower decline in cognitive function in older adults. In addition to the key nutrient, OMEGA-3 Fatty Acids DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), other nutrients identified in the study included B vitamins, vitamin D, amino acids (arginine and taurine) and trace minerals (selenium and magnesium) as possible contributors to the brain health benefits of fish. The five-year study was conducted in China by the North Carolina scientists and included 1,566 adults over the age of fifty-five. Results indicated that the age of the participants influenced and significantly modified the association between fish consumption and cognitive functional change. Specifically, in the over-65 group, there was a stronger association with fish consumption and cognitive function. The data showed that at least one serving of fish per week was associated with a disparity in the annual rate of cognitive decline of 1.6 years, compared with people who consumed less than one serving per week. Fish consumers also had better scores for composite and verbal memory. The fact that there was a greater response in the over-65 group does not necessarily indicate that there is no cognitive benefit of fish consumption at younger ages; there may simply be diminished ability to detect associations at younger ages, when the rate of cognitive decline is less pronounced. The current study supports a favorable role of fish consumption in deterring cognitive decline: At least one weekly fish serving (100g) predicted slower cognitive decline in older adults (65 years and older). The scientists concluded that the findings suggest a potential role of fish consumption as a modifiable dietary factor to reduce the rate of cognitive decline in later life. Moreover, “future studies should evaluate more precisely whether the beneficial factors are related to particular types of fish or specific nutrients.”

Sources: Journal of Nutrition and NutraIngredients

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Fish Intake Is Associated With Slower Cognitive Decline

In the Over 65s ~

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Include Exercise During Your Labor Day Fun ~

We're increasingly living in a world where physical activity has stopped being a day-to-day part of our lives. We have domestic appliances to wash and dry, cars to get us around, and many of us spend our working day sitting at desks. Let’s try to incorporate some physical activity into our daily lives, and here’s how: Adults should do a minimum of thirty minutes moderate-intensity physical activity, five days a week. You don't have to do all in one go. Your half-hour could be made up of three ten-minute bursts of activity spread through the day, and it can be a “lifestyle activity” - in other words, walking to the shops or taking the dog out - or structured exercise or sport (like outdoor games on this holiday weekend) or a combination of these. But it does need to be of at least moderate intensity. People who are at specific risk from obesity or who need to manage their weight because of a medical condition need 45-60 minutes of exercise at least five times a week. For bone health, activities that produce high physical stresses on the bones are necessary. No excuses; this is a great weekend to start your Exercise As Fun.

Enjoy Your Labor Day Safely.



Today’s family is busier than ever. School work, sports practices, dance recitals and guitar lessons leave little time for regular family meals. However, Lehigh Valley Children’s Hospital pediatricians give us five reasons you should have regular family dinners: 1. They help prevent childhood obesity. When you prepare meals vs. frequent fast-food restaurants, you control what and how much your child is eating. 2. It’s a good teaching opportunity. Like it or not, your children watch - and mirror - what you do. If they see you eat healthy foods, they’ll be more likely to do the same now and throughout life. 3. It may be the only time you have together. Spending 20 minutes together as a family is better than spending no time together at all. 4. Children will sample and enjoy new foods. Serve fruits and vegetables. Your children won’t know they like them unless they’re given a chance to try them. They’re great “on-the-go foods” too. 5. They create a great support group. Family dinners provide the perfect time to talk to your children about their day, mentor them through a problem or celebrate an accomplishment. After a stressful day at work, family conversations also help you realize what’s most important in life.


Research indicates that two Bananas provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout.  More than that, BANANA can help overcome or inhibit a number of illnesses and conditions. Recent tests claim that people suffering from depression felt much better after consuming tryptophan-rich Banana. High in iron, Banana can stimulate production of hemoglobin in blood and help in cases of anemia. High in potassium and B-vitamins (low in salt), Banana can help lower blood pressure levels, normalize heartbeat and supprot heart health - plus send oxygen to the brain, improve alertness, regulate the body’s water balance, ease stress and calm the nervous system. If you don’t have a fresh Banana handy, write it down for your next grocery trip - and Banana is available in supplemental form too!



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