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Herbal Extracts Plus extends our warmest welcome to you, our friends (old and new) and longtime patrons!  Having previously supplied fine botanicals and natural nutrients since 1995, our company now provides our rich storehouse of accumulated valuable information. This includes current and previous scientific research and university studies, history and folk use, clinical trials and common usage of herbs, spices and natural supplements....and how alternative therapy using natural substances and lifestyle habits can enhance your health  right now and maintain it for many years to come - the natural way.


‘Significant’ Large Trial Supports Echinacea’s

Immune Benefits ~


A proprietary combination of Echinacea herb and root extract and Elderberry is as effective as Tamiflu (antiviral medicine) for the early treatment of flu.

Echinacea, the purple coneflower, is one of the most beautiful recognizable plants and herbal products in existence with known antiviral activity against influenza viruses in vitro. A recent 2015 randomized, double-blind clinical trial conducted by scientists from the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland and the UK demonstrated that a proprietary blend of Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea) and Elderberry (Sambucus nigra)as a hot drink is equal in efficacy to the pharmaceutical drug oseltamivir (Tamiflu). The commercially-funded study included 473 patients exhibiting flu symptoms for less than 48 hours who were given either the proprietary Echinacea/Elderberry drink mixture or the drug, oseltamivir (Tamiflu). After ten days, the proportion of recovered patients (influenza symptoms rated as absent or mild in the evening) was analyzed, and after crunching the numbers, the researchers indicated that both interventions were equal in their therapeutic effects, exhibiting yet another significant human clinical trial documenting scientifically verified benefits of this botanical therapy. The researchers added that the incidence of complications was only 2.46% in the herbal group, compared with 6.45% in the Tamiflu group, although these differences were not statistically significant. The herbal manufacturer who funded and supplied the proprietary herbal mixture for the project was highly praised for investing large resources in a well-designed clinical study on a phytotherapeutic product (plant-derived medicine). This study echoes copious earlier research recognizing Echinacea’s health benefits, including a 2007 meta-analysis, which concluded Echinacea’s potential to cut the risk of catching a common cold by 60%. Another analysis of research came from the University of Connecticut, indicating that Echinacea, taken in combination with vitamin C, reduced cold incidence by 86%, and even when the herb was used alone, the incidence was reduced by 65%. The largest study to date with E. purpurea was published in 2012 and indicated that the duration of the common cold may be reduced by 26%, and the number of recurrent colds decreased by 60%. The scientists conclude that further studies are warranted, but results of the current trial indicate the Echinacea-Elderberry proprietary blend is as effective as Tamiflu in the early treatment of clinically diagnosed and virologically-confirmed influenza virus infections with a reduced risk of complications and adverse events - and appears to be an attractive treatment option, particularly suitable for self care. Its availability as over-the-counter medicine allows for a very early treatment start, which is central for treatment success with any intervention.

Sources: Reuter’s, Current Therapeutic Research and NutraIngredients-USA

Read the full article with details:

‘Significant’ Large Trial Supports Echinacea’s Immune Benefits ~

Read other, earlier research from 2012 about Echinacea

Echinacea Extract May Help Prevent Common Cold




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Hear ye! Hear ye!


Who Doesn't Love Fireworks?

Their bright colors and big booms generate oohs and aahs from everyone celebrating the Fourth of July. But fireworks are more dangerous than beautiful if they’re not handled properly, and even sparklers can be hazardous. If you choose to use fireworks, follow these guidelines: Purchase from a reliable seller, and don’t buy or use fireworks without labels or posted warnings. Follow precautions and use fireworks under adult supervision only. Have a bucket of water or hose nearby. If firework malfunctions, don’t relight or handle it. Don’t wear loose clothing while using fireworks, and be sure to wear leather gloves when handling sparklers. If a burn injury occurs, remove burned clothing, cool the burn immediately with room-temp water, cover with clean dry cloth, and go immediately to the hospital, preferably one with a burn center. Find some organized municipal firework displays for the safest way to enjoy fireworks; the best way to avoid being injured is to leave fireworks in the hands of professionals.





Let Anger Get the Best of You -

It Can Make You


Help yourself with a few simple tips: Admit Your Anger. Release Stress (get some exercise; take a walk or swim, go dancing). Relax (see a funny movie, listen to soft music). Take Care of Yourself (eat properly, look your best). Surround Yourself With Happy People who are positive and caring. Take Deep, Slow Breaths (slow, deep-breathing helps to trigger relaxation, so you can deal with unpleasant situations). Analyze and even talk about the situation that caused that anger with a friend, and try to put it in its place. Lastly, Try to forgive the mistakes of others; you’ll be the better/happier one in the long run.

Good Health


Foods that are rich in water take up more room in your gut, which tells the body you've had enough to eat and leaves less room for other foods. Many raw fruits and vegetables are full of water and nutrients, and low in calories. Watermelon is a great delicious example. It's a great source of the remarkable antioxidant lycopene and gives you some vitamin A and C, too. Greek yogurt has twice as much protein as other yogurts and takes longer to leave your stomach, keeping you satisfied longer. Plus, you burn more calories digesting protein than carbs. Choose nonfat, low-fat, and low-sugar types. Cinnamon, watermelon and popcorn can help curb your appetite and burn fat too.

Bring On


Research shows Blueberries to be super nutritious and may help protect the brain from the damage caused by free radicals and may also help reduce effects of age-related conditions such as Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Some scientists have actually nicknamed Blueberries “Brainberries.” Do they know something? More News: Recent studies found that a Blueberry-rich diet improved learning, as well as muscle function in older subjects.


When buying wheat bread, don’t be fooled by healthy-sounding words like “nine-grain” or “multi-grain.” And just because the bread has a nice tan color, the color does not mean it’s whole grain. Be sure the label reads “whole” grain from the whole-wheat kernel. That way you’ll get the bran, the germ and all the natural nutrients that benefit your good health. Always take that extra time to read food labels - on everything. Your improved health will prove it was time well spent.

Don’t Just Sit There: MOVE!

More and more studies point to the negative health effects of sitting for extended periods of time. Today (every day), try to get up every hour and engage in a few minutes of light activity. The good news is that if you get up and fit in at least two minutes of light activity, such as stretching, walking or even doing chores, that activity can offset some of the health risks of being sedentary for long periods of time. It’s a brand new week - a brand new opportunity to get back on the health train. Use the new week to reset your health goals. So don’t just sit there. Stand up! It’s time to get moving - toward better health - NOW!


Did You Know? The Bamboo tree is not a tree; it is a giant grass. The Sea Cucumber is not a vegetable; it is a marine animal. The Banana tree is not a tree; it is the world’s largest herb (and it’s a fruit too!). Oddly, when scientists introduced straight Bananas in the 1960s, the public refused to buy them! Best of all: You can help relieve muscle cramping and replace the vitamins, nutrients and potassium lost during strenuous activity with healthy BANANA!



SUNGLASSES are an attractive accessory, but in summer’s glowing sunlight, you must choose them for their protection level. Ultraviolet (UV) damage is cumulative over a lifetime, so it’s essential to begin protective sunglass wear early in life. Search for full UVA/UVB lens for maximum eye preservation. Rose and yellow lenses make it difficult to distinguish color, but gray, brown and green minimize distortion and are a better choice for driving. Polarized lenses filter reflected sunlight that causes glare. Choose bigger frames and wrap-around sides for maximum protection.

What is the ONE PRESCRIPTION that can lower your risk for



You guessed it!!! EXERCISE!!!Harvard Medical School tells us that Exercise has the power to keep us from developing high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and some cancers. In fact, Exercise can lower risk of heart disease as effectively as medications! It can also help ease arthritis pain, sharpen memory, trim the waistline and preserve our independence. So why isn’t everyone exercising? One of the biggest reasons is not knowing where to start, or finding a program that’s easy to stick with. Start simply with something that is fun for you, and work up to more strenuous workouts over time. Get a friend to accompany you; it’s more fun, and you can encourage each other to stick with your routines. Of course, ask the doctor to find the best, safest workout for you if any health issues are a concern.


Did you know that a poor diet is considered a mind robber that can steal away bits of memory and cognition over time? It’s a fact. Although researchers have not yet quantified the specific effects of a good diet on mental health, it is known that Omega-3 Fatty Acids (found in fish, fish supplements, Soy, Nuts and Flaxseed,) help provide the body with the amino acids needed for healthy cell formation and play a vital role in the production of neurotransmitters in the brain, such as serotonin and dopamine. Healthy brain cells (neurons) will perform better than unhealthy ones, thereby promoting cognitive clarity, a well-functioning memory and positive mood. While a few deep-fried Oreos won't bring down your IQ or destroy your memory, it's generally accepted that a healthy diet aids the brain in maximizing its potential. Start this weekend with a healthy food list when grocery shopping.

It is HOT!!

That’s not just uncomfortable; It can make you sick, so follow a few tips to keep you safe: Take special care with children and the elderly, because their bodies don’t cool as efficiently. Wear loose clothing, and don’t exercise at the hottest part of the day - and very important: stay hydrated. Symptoms of heat-related illness may include cramps, nausea and pale, moist skin. Go to a cooler place, drink fluids (water best), and put cool cloths on the skin. If you are not getting better, or if you have more serious symptoms such as high fever, fast heart rate, warm and dry skin, confusion, convulsions or change in behavior, immediately call 911.



Eating out this weekend? Cut calories and fat by joining a friend and making plans to split oversized portions, and you’ll both benefit. If you’re dining solo, choose a healthy appetizer or two healthy side dishes or side salad instead, or even a bowl of soup (not creamy). Pass up the rolls and butter. Drink a large glass of water (with lemon) with your meal; it’s filling and cleansing. Remember to chew well, eat slowly, and relax with a refreshing cup of tea afterwards. If you do have a large meal, take home half the portion for an easy, no-cooking, tasty, next-day meal - also low in calories. Your meal will be better for you and just as satisfying (maybe more so because you’ve enjoyed the food without stuffing yourself - always a satisfying feeling).


Some people open a window or a door - or simply walk outside and will become exposed to pollen in the outdoor air and suffer. Unless you want to live in a bubble, avoiding pollen is pretty difficult. However, you can follow some tips to at least minimize pollen exposure: Keep windows in your home closed, which prevents pollens from drifting into your home. Minimize early morning activity when pollen levels are highest (between 5 and 10 a.m.). Keep your car windows closed when driving. Stay indoors when the pollen count is reported high and on windy days when pollen may be present in higher amounts in the air. If taking a vacation during pollen season height, go to a more pollen-free area, like the beach. Avoid performing yard work, or wear a mask or bandana over your nose and mouth when working outside. Use a clothes dryer to machine dry bedding and clothing (don't hang clothes on a clothesline, where laundry becomes coated with pollen). An indoor air cleaner can help reduce indoor pollen levels if windows are open. Speak with your doctor about symptom relief with natural herbals like Eyebright or Mullein Leaf, etc.


This gardening season, don’t just plant flowers; plant dinner, and feed your family as well. Plant healthy (and pretty) veggies and fruits with lively colors:Blueberries are beautiful, so are greens of lettuce, broccoli, scallions and perennial asparagus, plus the reds of tomatoes, strawberries and red cabbage. Don’t forget purple berries and eggplant and add a dash of orange with pumpkins and squash. Feed your senses and your body with beautiful, nutritious edibles. Start this weekend! Make it a family adventure. It's great fun for the children, and they'll learn early about wholesome natural foods and may be more likely to try the different varieties they have worked to nurture.


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