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Natural Nutritional Supplement

Coral Calcium can be a wonderful way to provide the vital mineral that is necessary for strong bones, teeth, heartbeat, nerve transmission, muscle action and perhaps even life itself!  We need calcium every day.

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Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body and vital for maintaining good health and life itself.  Coral Calcium is derived from fossilized coral reefs and one of the oldest and most primitive organisms found in the coral reefs that surround islands everywhere in the world.  Coral Calcium's composition is similar to that of the human skeleton, including calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, as well as other trace minerals needed to maintain human life.  Since the body cannot produce calcium; it must be absorbed through foods and supplements.  All coral reefs are gradually worn away by the waves and weather, and the coral left in the seabed mixes with the water and the surrounding mineral and plant life to create a bio-chemically-altered coral that contains all of the mineral nutrients of the sea, as well as the original natural calcium and minerals.  The result is a powerhouse of marine nutrients known around the world as Coral Calcium.  Although calcium may be derived from dairy foods, dark green leafy vegetables, sardines and salmon, Coral Calcium provides an easy natural source of the mineral that is enhanced by its life in the sea.

Beneficial Uses:
Coral Calcium supplement can be a wonderful way to provide the vital mineral necessary for strong bones, teeth and healthy gums, and it may even increase the rate of bone growth and bone mineral density in children.  It has lately been highly recommended for helping to increase bone density in women after menopause, which may be beneficial in cases of osteoporosis.  Calcium is also thought to protect bones and teeth from lead.  If there is a calcium deficiency in the body, lead can be absorbed and deposited in the teeth and bones, and the calcium is said to inhibit the absorption of this toxic metal.

An adequate daily intake of calcium is needed to release neurotransmitters in the brain and control muscular contractions (including the heart muscle), and, as such, Coral Calcium is thought to be very helpful to neuromuscular activity.  Our nervous systems and our muscles operate together as the "neuromuscular system" to control, direct and allow movement of the body.  Coral Calcium can help to maintain a regular heartbeat (which is helpful in cases of palpitations), prevent muscle cramps and promote healthy muscular growth, action and contraction.

Coral Calcium may also provide the calcium that is considered necessary for blood clotting.  Calcium is also needed to regulate blood pressure, helping to reduce hypertension and elevated blood cholesterol, which can be beneficial for maintaining good cardiac health.

Because calcium is necessary for proper cell structure, Coral Calcium can help to maintain proper cell membrane permeability and help to participate in the protein structuring of RNA and DNA.

Currently, there are no known warnings of contraindications with the use of Coral Calcium Nutritional Supplement.

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