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Herbal Extracts Plus offers these links to websites that have health-related content. If you have a website you would like to see here and are interested in exchanging links, please e-mail us at with the name of your website, URL, and a brief description of what you have to offer and we will consider you for inclusion. "Link Exchange" will automatically show up in the Subject line so that we know exactly what you are e-mailing about.

Each of the links below will open in a new window, so that you may easily return to our website when you have finished viewing the website. We hope you will enjoy the links and find the information provided on these sites beneficial to your own special needs.

Health Resources Directory -
A complete health resources directory on the web. -
Products for the Ankle, Knee, Back, and More -
This website aims "to share up-to-date research on Carrageenan and its possible health benefits.  Extensive studies are being done everyday, and its up to us to stay educated about our health."
Letha's Health Secrets -
"Using Nature's Secrets to Look Great and Feel Terrific" This website includes a lot of information about health and wellness via Asian methods from Letha Hadady. "The San Francisco Chronicle wrote, 'Letha Hadady, one of the nation's leading experts on natural Chinese remedies, is leading a quiet lady-like revolution to bring herbal medicines from the Far East and elsewhere into everyday use in American homes.' " (Currently, Letha has a blog on the first page of the website about the benefits of the Neem tree. Click here to read our information about Neem Leaf herbal supplements!) -
The Internet Drug Index; Providing fast, reliable information to both the consumer and the medical professional.
TCM Assistant -
A complete database of Chinese herbs and formulas, including prescription tools for professionals and information on manufacturers and retailers.
The Herbs Online -
100% natural, herbal remedies, supplements and extracts in pre-packed containers.  Alternative medicine without prescriptions, injections, and doctor visits. You can find the herbal remedy formulations, relief from what is ever commanding your life. These remedies can help alleviate many of the ailments so you can return to living a full and comfortable life.
Tru Beauty Shop -
Certified Organic Skin, Body, Hair, Oral Care & Organic Cosmetics. Great for anyone who wants to use all-natural materials in everyday life!
Weight Loss Only -
Weight Loss Pills, Diet Products and More!

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